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How Video Drives Engagement and Boosts Revenue

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Video is here to stay as it has become increasingly important to consumers. Consumers now prefer video to learn about brands and to gather information as they go through the decision-making process leading to making a purchase. This is aside from using video for entertainment or to know more about other topics of interest.
Marketers now use educational and explainer videos that offer content sought after by consumers in making a product/service purchase.
Today’s marketers are aware of the preferred status of video in building brands, engaging potential customers, nurturing and converting leads, and eventually boosting revenue.
Millennials and Gen Z are the top users of video. According to HubSpot, video beats out heavyweight contenders like email, blogging, and infographics as the most used type of marketing content.

How is video content produced?

Video content is produced through a process called video production. The three stages of video production are:  pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production is the planning stage of video production covering scheduling, scriptwriting, logistics, and other administrative tasks.

Production is the stage where the planning is put to work and the video content (moving images) is captured with various lenses, cameras, and skilled lighting setups.

Post-production is the stage where the editing begins and the team begins to selectively combine video clips with audio to create a finished product that tells a story or communicates a message.

What are videos marketing benefits?

As stated above, video tells a story or communicates a message.

Video communicates a high amount of information that neither print or audio media can handle within the same span of time.

The very nature of video gives it this advantage over print and audio. Video projects a large volume of moving images (compared to still images) and at the same time projects the voice of the video participants or the narrator. The audience captures simultaneously the sight and sound which contain a huge amount of information.

This information could be a story of a person, organization, or brand; a detailed explanation about a product, service, or concept; a lesson or instruction about a subject or topic of interest; a message conveying a personal belief, an organization’s mission, vision, values, and future plans; or simply a marketing message. 

Simply put, video can deliver an almost limitless amount of information about anything. With the vast ocean of information online, video can effectively differentiate you from competition through your unique storytelling or brand messaging.

Video is the ultimate tool that you can use to deliver any message.

Why has video become the top choice in marketing any content?

It is easy to realize why video has become the top choice in marketing.

Video’s moving images and sounds are perceived by a person’s sense of sight and hearing thereby creating a personal experience that cannot be created by either still photographs or sound projection alone. 

The more senses a person uses to receive information, the more that information will be understood and remembered.

In fact, the creativity of a video production company using innovative visuals and sounds can effectively evoke emotions among the audience; thus, the video content becomes highly resonant. 

The paramount objective of a content marketer is to make content resonate with the target audience.

How does video engage consumers and boost revenue?

Video has the capability to engage your consumers extensively and intensively.

Extensively in what way?

A video with a resonant content that is properly planned and programmed to match every stage of your customer’s buying journey will certainly engage the target audience from start to finish of that journey – from brand awareness, to considerations, and finally to a buying decision.

A good video gets the attention, creates interest, and piques the curiosity of your target audience. While your prospective buyer is expected to look at several options during the buying journey, he/she will return to a resonant video, and finally make a buying decision based on the call to action of your video. 

How intensively?

What can be more intensive and emotionally connecting than a well-planned and produced video with all of its sights and sounds? Can a marketer find a better alternative?

During the current COVID-10 pandemic, videos posted online have proven to be the most effective channel of marketers in communicating with their existing and potential customers in observance of physical distancing. Customer engagement, interaction, and sales have continued to materialize with the use of video.

It is a wise marketing strategy to create more content and to communicate these through online video especially during times of restricted physical interaction with customers. Video can enable your customers to see your team in action (even behind the scene) and can put your company and brand virtually closer to customers thus making it easier to close a sale.


Statistics abound that support the popularity and advantages of video. Video’s inherent capability to deliver information, messages, and stories using sights and sounds make it the most resonant communication medium you can use to engage your target market and to boost revenue. 

Get the latest information and trends about video production from a highly experienced and reliable video company. Doing so will save you time, money, and effort as well as get you a captivating marketing video.

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